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Dielands will soon be available

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Dielands will be available soon as an ebook.



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​Dielands is set in a fantasy world. It is part fantasy and part historical fiction.

Dielands is about a girl who lives in an alternate 1700s'. She is poor but brave, determined and hard working. Her kingdom is called Pelia. She works for a master of trades. The crown prince family is in turmoil. She will solve problems.



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I am writing the book. Dielands will be out soon as an ebook.


Update 23-1-2016

I will be adding character bios, character interviews, preview, soundtrack and downloads soon.

I have added feedjit.


Update 25-1-2016

Just wanted to drop in with a hello.


Update 26-1-2016

I like hall and oates. I love 1980s vinyl and extended songs.

I love star wars 7.

Looking forward to publishing my ebook soon.

Update 27-1-2016

I have other websites. See the side panel.

Update 29-1-2016


Update 31-1-2016


Update 1-2-2016

Dielands has been fun to write. It's a joyride. Neon neon-jaguar. Annie a & r ep. hayley kiyoko ep.

Update 3-2-2016

I have plans for another book. I am excited for the next book.

Update 5-2-2016

New survey on dielands page. check it out and enter the poll. The polls is free so pls enter the poll and vote.

Ive update the about me page.

New movies? New albums? Cool.

Update 6-2-2016

Ive read new YA books. Rebel mechanics, mechanica and tangled web. The tangled web book cover is really pretty. I will write more ebooks in the future. Pls check them out as they come.

Update 7-2-2016

I like the Sword and verse book. The cover is pretty. I love tangled web. The cover is pink and black. Pretty combination of colours. Vengeance road has the best book cover down pat. How did the artist draw such beauty? I read the inventor's secret and dissonance. Dissonance is about the multiverse. Brilliant writing. Twinmaker and crashland are great. Twinmaker is such a unique concept. Brilliant writing.

Kung fu panda 3 is out. Super excited.

Goodreads is a brilliant website. Filled with gorgeous book covers and nice writing. I get great recommendations that I can't get anywhere else. Book cover competiton!

Disney music is cute. Not for me but I like it.

Update 9-2-2016

I am watching Paddington. The bear is so cute. The bear is so wonderful. I am already writing my next book. It's a bit tech-ish and a bit scary. But anyone will like it.

I have rewatched hercules and alladdin. Childhood favourites. Gems on youtube. Missed the days when movies were free on the internet. I am going to listen to new albums. I want to make vinyls.

I am rewatching Paddington. I love the tourist film. For once Angelina was romantic instead of tomboyish. She really is tomboyish. Johnny depp is a soft actor. little emotions. I might write a children's book soon. I love chocolate. I love chocolate bars. Diamond gold. Dear young me, you're fine. You really are.

I want to watch suicide squad and batman vs superman. The bat vs supes. Super excited. Wonder woman, the black panther and a rock superhero movie. Wondrous.

Update 10-2-2016

I am watching mulan 2. I love mulan 1. The star wars originals were the greater movies. The star wars prequels are average. The original sequels better be good. I love snoopy. I read the cartoons a lot. I still think of chocolate every day. I like cotton candy, wafer and pancakes. I love new books. Sword and verse, the inventor's secret and rebel mechanics.

Joshua cohen book of numbers has such brilliant writing. The ideas are beyond the english language. Justin timberlake double albums were core brilliant. I want to watch suicide squad and star wars 8.

Erica o rourke dissonance and resonance are different. I love the idea of a multiverse. It's sorta new. A thousand pieces of you. Twinmaker and crashland. Kiss kill vanish. The mortal instruments. Everneath and evertrue.

Madonna's best album was confessions on a dancefloor. miley cyrus ep was her best. diplo's jack u is iconic.

I like electropop like mo or little boots.

Update 11-2-2016

V for vendetta is scary. What an absurd mask! mortdecai was bland. johnny depp as a contraband art dealer. the peanuts movie was cute. i still prefer the cartoons. i wonder what the avengers 3 and 4 will be like? more action? new avengers?

when will lorde's new album come out? i prefer music that the masses dont really listen to. im eccentric that way.

delicious food porn has tasty looking pictures of food. food is food. so many recipes. so many choices.

puss in boots was a great spin off to shrek. shrek 3 was horrible. shrek 4 was much better than its predecessor.

the inifnity stones? if they were real, would some people try to steal them?

troy was a bad movie. the tourist was better.

mockingjay soundtrack was excellent. lorde curating a soundtrack? witchcraft, sadly.

sonny with a chance and wowp was better than hannah montana. hm was overrated. miley's fake smile.

anyway, im on to continuing writing my book.  

Update 12-2-2016

I am watching the peanuts movie.















Mary Fernandez


Coming soon.

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